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How to Increase your property value

Realtors typically have a lot of very sound advice when it comes to making your house more appealing to sell. But what actually makes your house more valuable? There are a few key things that can accomplish both of these simultaneously and attract potential buyers!

1.) Total finished/livable common space

2.) The number of bedrooms

3.) The number of bathrooms

Experts” can go on and on debating the added benefits of outdoor kitchens or if pools increase or decrease the value of a home, but the three items listed above will always be major factors in determining the value of any home. Arguably, anything outside of these three items, are creature comforts. These preferences may make or break a real estate sale, but they do not necessarily determine actual home value.

Livable space is considered any space that is finished in your home. The most common example of this would be a finished basement. As a remodeling company finishing an unfinished basement is a frequent request. In fact, finishing an unfinished basement is one of the quickest ways to add all three of the listed elements above to any home!

Many expanding families are looking for ways to get an extra bedroom into their home. Adding an egress window into the basement allows you to put a full finished bedroom into the ground floor of any home. Extra bedrooms can be added on upper floors as well with the proper space, design and finesse. If you notice in this bathroom we recently remodeled, there is a bump out next to the sink.

Why is that?

Although it is true that this city home only came with one bathroom, it was a single bathroom with a bit of extra space. We took advantage of that extra space to give a potential bedroom a closet.

As you can see, the homeowner quickly packed this closet full! Lets face it, who couldn’t use an extra closet in their home?

For resale purposes, this home would only have been listed as a one-bedroom home before American Dreamers came along. The second floor had some open space that the homeowners were using as a bedroom space for their kids. Unfortunately, the space didn’t have doors, privacy walls and definitely didn’t have a closet.

Although this hallway doesn’t look terribly exciting… IT IS!! This hallway is the difference between a one-bedroom house and a three-bedroom house in Lawrenceville, PA. For those of you that are doing the math, that is about $100,000 increase in asking price! I know you are wondering where I am getting this third bedroom from…those two mystery steps, the landing and the door create access to yet ANOTHER bedroom that was formally the attic!!! So now this wall has created privacy to a second-floor bedroom and access to a third-floor bedroom.


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