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Introducing Morgan

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you, my name is Morgan Kumpfmiller and I am the founder of American Dreamers Renovations. From a very early age, I had developed a passion for hands on creativity. In no time, my child hood crafting morphed into full-fledged home flipping! This eventually grew the business to the renovation company you see displayed on social media today.

Although this picture is slightly silly, it is realistic. This is how involved I am in the day to day of my business. I enjoy being part of as much of the process as possible, from estimates to final touch ups. My most common question is "Will it be you, that comes and does the work?", although, American Dreamers is a lean mean team of 9 now, we started off as an army of 1. I built this business by taking jobs on the weekends and eventually left my sales job in Big IT to take the plunge and have a go at this full time.

I feel extremely fortunate to live out my dream career every day! My daughter, Evie, is 9 and really can't recall a time where I wasn't a Dreamer to her. A child's self-identity is largely made up of how they view their parents. Therefore, Evie views herself as a Dreamer, and that is exciting to see and experience. Being a mother, I am constantly reminded by my child to never forget my whimsy, creativity, and that no idea is to crazy. For it is in the really big crazy ideas that have enabled me to best define my career.

The largest part of why I wanted to do this was because I was a single mom with a daughter. I wanted her to learn that women are capable and powerful beings. My goals and my dreams were to provide her the household and lifestyle from a one income family that she would have gotten had I been married.

Now, fitting as could be, the largest part of my customer base is women. I carve out each Wednesday to take both day and evening appointments. I meet with clients in their home to discuss their dreams for their home. Although my personal life has changed, and I have added three awesome men. One tall (Brandon) and two shorter (Alec and Dom).

I will always be driven to do this for the women.

Ladies please take a moment and tell us about your business or your dreams below!! 👇


Phone: (412) 290-1108

Email:  info@americandreamersrenovations.com

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