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Pittsburgh Homeshow

Once a year the city of Pittsburgh hosts a Home and Garden show that attracts not only consumers but a variety of vendors throughout the area. This year we were able to secure a spot for ourselves, with one catch, it was 2 days BEFORE the home show would begin.

Let. The. Craziness. Begin.

And so we gathered ourselves and the materials needed to attend - with such an amazing team working at American Dreamers we were able to pull it off with success. We were able to meet and greet with a lot of potential clients, friends and other vendors in many specialties throughout Pittsburgh. It was a pleasant experience that were both exhilarating at times and humorous at others.

"Oh the home show... sigh.  I suppose I should be grateful for the last minute slot and I am!!!  I had a great time chatting with potential clients and answering “DIY” questions. That all being said,  I did have a front row seat to the European Shakers.  If you have ever seen footage of the archaic exercise machine that supposedly shakes the fat off of people, that is what this is.  I have watched near every rear end in the city of Pittsburgh twerk whilst riding this shaker.  I have seen so much in my 12 hour days there!!  Things I can never unsee."

This was an experience that we wont forget and are grateful for all the new clients and followers that we gained through this event. If you have not been to a Pittsburgh Home and Garden show - I suggest you check it out. Perhaps we will see you at the next one!


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