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These are a Few of my Favorite Things ...

Need shopping ideas for your loved ones?

Let us help you out!

American Dreamers Renovations owner Morgan Kumpfmiller has compiled a list of some favorite home things for your shopping pleasure:

1. 100% Walnut Wood Tray - trays are a great way to create visual organization in the home and home decorators love them. For coffee tables, entry ways, night stands and more - if you get that home decorator a walnut wood tray, we're pretty sure they will respond with, "You see me!" ($35)

2. iRobot Roomba 694 - "I tried 6 different Roomba models and countless brands looking for a robot vacuum that actually works and this one actually cleans," says Morgan. With over 75,000 reviews - rated 4.5 stars - we know the homeowner with pets will thank you! "Many other Roomba models just drag dirt around under it or don’t actually function at all. I want everyone to know exactly which model to get." ($200)

3. 11-Piece Black Bartender Kit - for that mixologist in your life, this 11-piece bartending set is a real treat. It's high quality, comes in a lot of colors (the Rose Copper is fun!) and it has everything you need to make great cocktails. ($40)

4. ASOWIN Vintage Picture Frame - Green is a wildly popular color at the moment. For that friend who loves to mix old and new, consider a vintage frame in which they can swap out photos of their favorite memories. ($30)

5. Silicone Water Drop Toilet Brush and Holder Set - "It’s hard to find a good looking and sanitary toilet brush," said Morgan. This one accomplishes both tasks for those who try to balance the practicality of cleaning within the décor of their home. We don't recommend you get this for your Partner alone unless they specifically ask or they've been looking ... we do highly recommend gifting to adult children and/or teenagers.

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