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What are you hiding?!

A home is a reflection of its occupant. Upon meeting a potential client, the first words they utter to me are an apology. This person is about to let me in on one of their darkest secrets.

It is the one area of their home that they keep hidden from guests. Some have gone to great lengths to disguise the area with throw rugs, large artwork or even locked doors and I am about to view it in all of its rugged awfulness!

As we fall upon the area of the homeowner’s nightmares it is never as awful to me as it is to them.

Ladies hide no more! I am a Dreamer and I see potential in EVERY space.

Rest assured that I understood that I would not find your style or taste in the room you want me to destroy and rebuild!!! FEAR NOT, we are not here to judge we are here to DREAM!!! Tell us!!

What are your home remodeling fantasies?!?!?!?

Let us know in the comments below!


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