Changing the Footprint for Function

We’re excited to share with you today one of our favorite kitchen renovations of all time – not only because the finished project has beautiful details but also because the completed project changed a family’s life:

Let’s start at the top … the Jones* family had “a great house” – laundry on the first floor, a decent sized kitchen, and a first floor sunroom. The problem? “The house didn’t work for me,” said Mom. “I hated having laundry on the first floor right next to where we eat and where all our company could see. And the kitchen? With the overhead light, I felt like I was sitting at a surgery table, not a kitchen island.”


That disconnect between what “should” make you happy and what did (and didn’t) make the Jones family happy is what prompted them to call American Dreamers Renovations to explore a home renovation to reconfigure the space.

ADR owner, Morgan Kumpfmiller, first suggested that the family relocate the first-floor laundry to an underutilized basement which would allow them to expand the kitchen footprint and remove Mrs. Jones displeasure with dirty clothes all over the first floor. “The client hated dirty clothes everywhere and wanted to love her kitchen – I wanted to make sure when we were done that she felt she had the kitchen of her dreams including a modern counterspace for prep with dreamy lighting.”


The second part of the project involved elongating the kitchen one foot in the other direction and removing a foot off of the steepled ceiling – preserving the sunroom, but allowing us to flank the over with cabinets that were flush to the ceiling:

The project was completed with new hardwood floors to unify the first floor, new appliances, new kitchen cabinets, new countertops, new electrical wiring and lighting, and upgraded elements like a pot-filler faucet:

And what became of the basement? You might have seen it earlier this week on our Instagram account:

In the end, Mom Jones was so happy, “I could not even imagine my old kitchen ever having this potential. Our finished space is beautiful, I am completely in love with my home now and our family finally has more space to get together where we enjoy being the most.”

(notice the additional window the family was able to gain for more natural light in the kitchen!)

*while our Dreamers are so proud of their spaces and are frequently caught conducting tours for family and neighbors after their renovation is complete, we do change their names to protect their privacy

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