Kitchen Remodel: No Demo Reno

Many kitchens are outdated. It’s just a fact. While a kitchen remodel will deliver the highest return on investment, it’s also such a big project that most people will avoid it altogether.

The idea of knocking down walls is scary and not having your family hub sounds like the worst!

For homeowners who want to improve the look and function of their kitchen, but don’t want to change the layout or endure 3 months of renovating, our favorite project suggestion comes with many names: “Kitchen Refresh,” “Kitchen Glam Up,” or “Kitchen Facelift” …

In short, small changes to the kitchen that deliver big impact (without major demolition): new floors, new counters, painting cabinets, new hardware, new lighting, and/or a new backsplash.

American Dreamers Renovations recently completed a gorgeous kitchen refresh in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

For this particular home, the layout was so functional and the island met the family’s needs that they really only wanted to get rid of the wood tones and floor that dated the house to the 90s.

The project started with a painting of the cabinets:

And painted cabinets always need a new countertop (this one from Kitchenramma is visually stunning):

You can notice in the picture above, new flooring was extended throughout the first floor to unify the design of the home.

Here’s another great view of the floor that showcases a new sink too:

To elevate your kitchen from “beautiful” to “gorgeous,” a good focal point is key. For this “Glam Up” the stove region was updated with a gorgeous wood vent:

To complete the beauty of this refresh, we used complementary tile to feature the oven and hood:


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