Best Kitchen Remodel in Pittsburgh …

It’s not every day that we win an award but American Dreamers has now won the “Best Remodel” Housing Excellence Award for two years in a row in Pittsburgh!

What makes a home remodel award-worthy? Overall, we believe it is three factors: design, application, and expert craftsmanship.

We don’t presume we will win an award for every project, but we do strive to deliver award-winning service and craftsmanship always. With all that said, let’s check out the Best Remodel in Pittsburgh for 2022!

First, let’s check out some before photos of the space:

Like many older houses, one might say, “It’s not THAT bad, right?” And it’s not.

It’s just very indicative of the early 2000s: dark, beige/brown/red, and boxy.

Personally, this is what we love about the home renovation process overall – taking the same footprint and reimagining it in a way that improves the lives of those within the home.

The first major design haul was knocking down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Our Dreamers wanted to open the space for a more inviting feel while also allowing more natural light, from beautiful windows in the dining room, to shine across the home:

You’ll note there were a lot of mechanical functions in the wall and that the wall was load-bearing. For this reason alone, some of our peers had told the homeowners it “can’t be done.” But anything can be done in your home with the right team and professionals in place! Hard and complicated work doesn’t scare us:

The second major design haul with that wall out of the way was the island … the old island was barely large enough to chop ingredients and toss in a big bowl.

Our Dreamers wanted an oversized island for more prep space, seating, and lots of cabinetry for storage too:


Next – the upper cabinets … The home had great ceiling height but with the older cabinet design, a good portion of the space was used to collect dust [it was so gross up there – you don’t even want to know].

So the space was designed with uppers to the ceiling and a gorgeous ladder for easy reach:


You might have noticed in the pictures above, another feature of this award-winning kitchen: three ovens. With party and holiday-hosting in mind, the space needed to function for lots of cooking and baking.

And where did the refrigerator go? For seamless design, it was incorporated with cabinet-matching panels (the seamless look is so pleasing to the eye!):

Adjacent to the kitchen is the living space. Formerly covered in beige carpet with beige walls, the space now hosts hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor and an updated fireplace and mantel that matches the classic and timeless design of the new kitchen:

Rounding out the renovation of this home’s first floor is the space adjacent to the kitchen leading up to the second floor – the stairwell. This space formerly hosted a step (which is a tripping hazard), a classic oak (with yellowish stain) railing, and white balusters. It did not match the design of this new first floor on any level. To complete this home’s remodel, a waterfall hand-railing with metal balusters was installed and the walls were treated with a modern board and batten design:


This home remodel is not only gorgeous, it was fun to build out and our Dreamers were the best. Thank you to our amazing Clients who make our jobs fun and thank you to our amazing team who go out and represent American Dreamers at its best:


American Dreamers Renovations is a boutique home construction and renovation company serving Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding. Led by award-winning GC and interior designer, Morgan Kumpfmiller, American Dreamers Renovations has been helping homeowners realize the full potential of their home since 2010.

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