Dream Bathroom Renovation: Tile, Tile, Tile …

If we were making an Instagram reel to coordinate with this post [we did], the background sound would say: A Hot New Bombshell Enters the Villa … and her name is TILE!

Yes – tile; long-lasting, classic, and so many possibilities …

This recently completed bathroom renovation features the beauty of tile in so many ways.

First, we’ve got the traditional location most people think of when they think of tile: the shower.

For this project, our Client kept the shower space but the tile was updated to include tile in new shapes and patterns:

Every shower requires great storage for toiletries:

We carried the tile from the interior shower to the vanity wall which is a design choice that exudes luxury:

And in the same way the interior tile from the wall carried to the vanity, the interior tile from the shower floor extended to the floor of the entire bathroom space:

Everyone loves a classic, white subway tile but the consensus is that it is boring (Yes, we said it!). With all the options available today, you’d be hard pressed not to explore something a little more if you’re looking to elevate the personality and style of your home.

Tile now comes in a variety of shapes, patterns, colors, and textures (we love textures especially!) – Do you have tile in your bathroom?


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