Design & Style – Have you considered giving your home a touch of yellow?

One of the most common requests I receive is for color consultation. People really struggle to pick out paint colors for their home. Beige is out and grey is in and everyone is painting kitchens and bathrooms some shade of aqua.

As of this writing, the other latest craze is white on white (white walls and white trim) and navel blue dining rooms. But I’ve been wondering lately: What about yellow!?!?!

Yellow is beautiful, bright, happy and looks great with bright white trim.

Yellow also lifts spirits while providing a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Check out these other pops of yellow I love:

Whether bold or soft, yellow is a historic and timeless color that can make even the smallest rooms feel much larger.

Yellow promotes optimism and confidence … control the hue and you control the mood.
Want to talk some more about yellow?

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