Women In Construction … Morgan Kumpfmiller Chats with Stefanie Olson on the She Builds Show Podcast

Do you enjoying listening to women share their experiences in the construction industry? Then you don’t want to miss the August 25, 2022 episode of Stefanie Olson’s She Builds Show podcast.

Award-winning designer and general contractor Morgan Kumpfmiller joins Stefanie and they discuss:

  • Why reputable contractors charge for estimates
  • The step-by-step process of planning your next home renovation from estimate to finishing touches
  • Software that helps the design/build process
  • Morgan’s favorite type of project [spoiler alert: it’s not anything you will think!]
  • Finding more female employees in the construction space
  • What it’s like to be a working Mom – and more!

The entire episode is 38 minutes. You can find the She Builds Show podcast here.


Morgan Kumpfmiller is an award-winning general contractor and the owner of American Dreamers Renovations with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Stefanie Olson is also a licensed general contractor and the creator and host of the She Builds Show podcast. The She Builds Show podcast is a place where the audience can hear about about business finances, flipping homes, remodeling homes, and new construction. The object of the show is to feature women who share powerful insights that will make you think deeply about your choices and what you’re building.