Welcome to American Dreamers Renovations’ Owner & Professional Dreamer, Morgan’s Home … (Part One)

One of the core beliefs of American Dreamers Renovations is that your home should be a reflection of you
Full of the things that make you happy …
Complete with details that bring you joy …

For ADR Owner and Professional Dreamer Morgan Kumpfmiller, that style is defined by:
Bold colors
Vintage decor
Handmade, custom pieces
Elements of modern design

Some people might think that walking into a General Contractor’s home would be like walking into a showroom but walking into Morgan’s home is more like getting a ticket to a museum, an art gallery, and a painter’s workshop. Always a work-in-progress, Morgan’s space is where she practices new construction techniques and where her design ideas thrive. In short, it is her personal playground to revel and explore in her creativity.

Peppered with details in every inch of space, even the air feels magical …

Let’s start off with Morgan’s entryway. The home [exterior not featured for privacy] is a traditional colonial – two floors with all the bedrooms on the second floor and the first floor reserved for cooking, eating, and gathering. Her entry has a ‘grand foyer’ with walls reaching the second level of the house. In this space, Morgan updated the foyer by painting the exterior wall blue. This pop of color is all you can see when standing at the railing on the second floor. From the entry, it’s a delight for the eyes paired with to-the-ceiling vintage pictures which Morgan has collected over the years from various trade shows, travel, and flea markets. To prevent the space from feeling dated with so many vintage pieces, Morgan arranged the pictures in a more modern template and she added a modern fixture:

And after we look up?
Let’s look down!
In the foyer you will find custom wood flooring with inlaid marble – a mix of classic and formal with rustic – because in Morgan’s world, there is yin and yang in everything:

Beyond the foyer, directly to the left of entry, is Morgan’s dining room. A former cream square, the space is now bursting with personality and ready for entertaining with blue walls, wainscoting, vintage Coca-Cola décor, and custom-made details including an industrial bar with complementary dining table:

Just around the bend from the dining room is Morgan’s kitchen. The kitchen itself is full of so many amazing features that we’ve reserved the full scope for another blog post.
In the interim, we’re excited to show you these sneak peeks:

Bright white Café Appliances, bold, blue cabinetry, marble peninsula, Lucite, and more –
That will be an exciting post!

The tour continues with two more spaces on the first floor: the powder room and the office.

The powder room features – you guessed it – bold-colored accent walls, a live-edge wood and glass faucet custom-made sink top, shiplap, a modern light fixture, and honeycomb tile in a unique “breakaway” design. Some of us call this bathroom, the “Mirror, mirror on the wall” room:

Completing the tour of the first floor is a home office space. This space is common in many Pittsburgh homes – it’s a “bonus room” – originally intended to be a sitting room of sorts. Many families often turn this space into a playroom when they are first building their families. Over the past year, we have renovated many similar spaces from playroom to home office because of the changing work environment.

Featuring floating shelves, a pop of color, industrial elements, and a full size table for meetings and more, this space is the cornerstone of Morgan’s administrative tasks:

This concludes the first-floor home tour of ADR Owner Morgan’s house – we hope you enjoyed it! As everyone’s home is a reflection of their self, it’s easy to see exactly who Morgan is: bold, unique, appreciative of the past, embracing of the future, and completely unafraid.

American Dreamers Renovations is a full-service boutique home renovation and construction company owned and operated by leading female contractor Morgan Kumpfmiller. If you are considering a home renovation or construction project, we invite you to call us today at 412-290-1108 or contact us via message to schedule your FREE interior home renovation estimate.

At American Dreamers Renovations, your home is a reflection of you!
(with a little help from us)