Beauty Maven’s Bathroom Retreat

There’s nothing more frustrating then trying to find some space to relax in your home only to have that location also be a source of additional frustration … “We’ve lived here more than five years and every time I come in here I think, ‘I never even use that tub,'” said our Dreamer of her 1980’s bathroom:

“The space is so big and the vanity is so tiny – I always think about all this wasted space.

As such, while updating the style of this bathroom was an important goal, updating the function of this bathroom (attached to the master bedroom) was particularly essential.

When asked about the needs for the space, our Dreamers noted a double vanity was their dream and “lots of storage space for toiletries and beauty products.”

Removing a tub completely can be a risky thought for many homeowners who have resale value on their mind, but these Dreamers also had a shower they used every day behind one of those doors and a tub elsewhere in the house. “We’ll be here for a long while and function is really important to me.”

American Dreamers Renovations updated the style and function of this space by removing the outdated tub and vanity and replacing it with an expanded, custom, double vanity in modern colors with modern accents:

This type of bathroom and vanity is the ultimate dream for individuals who have lots of toiletries and tools: blow dryers, hair dryer attachments, curlers, curling irons, creams, lotions, make-up, nail polish, and more.

To keep a consistent style throughout the space, the toilet and shower space was also updated to include tile in complementary colors, new flooring, and additional storage:

The entire space was completed with a space-saving barn door:

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