First Floor Renovation for the Next Decade and Beyond

Every year, we typically have 2 or 3 “top” projects that we think about all year long. In 2021, it’s going to be hard to top this recently completed first floor renovation:

This home remodel touched every inch of space in our Dreamers’ first floor starting with the entryway:

The entryway received new iron balusters which also led to new handrails, new flooring, and a new, complementary feature wall.

After you enter the home and pass the amazing, open entry, on your left you can find an updated powder room:

We love how our Dreamers opted for black walls in this powder room … it was a bold move but paid off so well – everyone loves the bathroom! Paired with the wallpaper and new green vanity, the space went from “boring” and “old” to modern and fun!

Just around the bend is the kitchen/family/dining area that was big and well defined but incoherent and dark.

Here are some before photos:

(notice the lack of storage space on the left side of this photo where the dining room is located)

(the “kitchen desk” space was a very popular feature about 20 years ago … with people on computers more frequently, we find our Dreamers wanting more of an office space – with storage too – and less of a space within the kitchen which also detracts from space in the kitchen for prepping food, cooking, storing appliances, and more)

And the kitchen now?

Our Dreamers wanted darker floors, lighter walls, pops of modern color, and more. We gave them one massive island (with more storage) and an expanded, complementary peninsula (with space for seating) to expand and unify the space.

You’ll notice in the distance, in the photo above, we added custom, matching storage in the dining space too. Here is a close up:

Adjacent to the kitchen is a family room that received new paint too:

When we asked our Dreamers what their favorite part of the completed renovation was, we received two answers:
(1) the sink:

(2) the mini ‘fridge (our Dreamers said that separating the beverages from the main refrigerator “cleared up so much space!” for food and prepared trays):

When we asked our team which part of this project was their favorite, hands-down everyone enjoyed the LED, color-changing lights around the entire perimeter of the kitchen and the pantry:

Completing the renovation, just beyond the kitchen, is a set of custom barn doors separating a play space from formal dining:

This detail may just be Morgan’s favorite:

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