Master Bathroom Renovation: From High-End 1992 to 2021 WOW!

We’re so excited to share the full details of this Pittsburgh Master Bathroom renovation with our readers today!

The Dreamers of this 1992 home purchased the property in 2013 and have spent the last 8 years envisioning and dreaming of several new updates – especially in the master bathroom, which they use every day!

The bathroom, in general, functioned just fine but the design aesthetic was flash-frozen in 1992: beige and white colors, pastel counters and cabinets, mirrored walls, etc. It was most certainly stunning in the 90’s – at the time, in fact, this master bathroom was pure luxury. But, like most things, it has aged and our Dreamers were thinking it needed an update to revamp the energy of the space. That’s where American Dreamers Renovations came in!

The overall space was a good size and included a well-placed and well-used closet. As such, we didn’t have to knock down any major walls:

(This angle is from the door looking to the right)

(This angle is from the door, looking left)

As you can see from the Before photos, the space had a decent layout for shower, toilet, sink and vanity … it just felt dated and small because as soon as you entered, there was a huge shower blocked off to your left. In the interior design world, we say, “This isn’t exactly the beauty you like to see first thing in the morning when you enter your bathroom.”

To get started, our Dreamers shared with ADR owner and designer, Morgan Kumpfmiller, some visions of what they dreamt their space would look like and what kind of emotions the space would evoke. Overall the goal was: modern and sleek. For our Dreamers this included a cement sink, floating shelves, and black tile.

With that in mind, the American Dreamers Renovations team went to work.

First, Morgan suggested altering the layout of the bathroom by removing the closed-in shower. This update would open up the space and highlight the high ceilings – and skylight! – that already existed.

In this new layout, the shower would be open and would replace the vanity and mirror that previously existed on the right side of the door:

(former location of vanity with mirrored wall)

Black is a bold tile color – so it’s not for everyone – but we love it and so we loved working on this shower! Check out the beautiful tile detail, the new built-in shelf for toiletries, the custom glass, and the floating corner shelves! (Perfect for candles, family photos, extra towels, and more)

Here is another view:

On the left side of the master bathroom, you can now find the vanity:

Note with the removal of the wall next to the toilet how open the entire space feels – also exposing the shower now to natural light from the skylight above.

The free-standing cement sink atop the floating vanity is a major project feature. We are very proud of the engineers on our team:

The project was completed with gold accents and complementary accessories in black and white:

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