Modern City Living Room for Couple’s 1910 Home

The purchase of a property is always very exciting … a new space to act as the backsplash for new memories. But when you envision those moments, does the background feel like you?

That’s why the Dreamers of this 1910 city home contacted American Dreamers Renovations – they had a big, beautiful, and open living room – but it lacked function and personality. “I couldn’t even figure out what furniture we would get to fill the space,” shared one owner.

Must-haves for these Dreamers included lots of storage for books and DVDs and a spot for their TV:

At the conclusion of the project, the homeowners and many members of the entire ADR team fell in love with this space. “That looks like it always belonged there,” said a member of the marketing team.

Favorite project features include: exposed brick, crown molding to blend the traditional history and style of the home with the newer pieces, all the storage (including space to highlight art collectives), the curved bookcase, and the reading nook by the window.

ADR Owner and contractor Morgan Kumpfmiller was in charge of the project design. When thinking back on the project she recalled, “They were asking for built-ins – which I could see – but as I was thinking about it, those traditional boxes seemed too boring for their modern and vibrant personalities. That’s when I told them I think we should curve the corners of the wood.”

Covering the fireplace seemed like a risk too – who doesn’t love a fireplace? But it was nonfunctional and the home had other fireplaces throughout. “With all these use factors in mind, it was an easy decision.”

Bridging the gap between old and new over a century can be complicated but we really feel the space was able to do just that so this modern couple can start making those memories:

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