The Homelovers’ Next Project: Upstairs Bathroom

What do you do when you love your house (the location is great, the layout is the perfect function for your family, the neighborhood is where you want to be …) but it doesn’t exactly feel like you? You renovate!

We were delighted to work with these Dreamers who were already a part of the American Dreamers Renovations family. We previously renovated their basement and were excited to return to their home to update the upstairs family bathroom.

To start, Mama and the kids wanted a nice, deep tub:

Lots of storage space in the shower for the toiletries that accompany a family of four was also essential:

The footprint and layout remained the same so we didn’t do any expanding but the renovation was complete with updated vanity, mirror, new flooring, and fresh, modern paint:

While this bathroom is supposed to be the highlight of this Featured Projects section, we’d be remiss if we didn’t show you the real star who went out of his way to make sure his presence in these projects is not forgotten … our Dreamers’ cat:

You might have seen him before when we shared details of the previous basement project:

It’s true – your pets are just as much a part of every project as you and we love them just the same.

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