The Sweet New Master Suite

What do you do when you love a house including the overall layout and location even if the bathroom in the master bedroom looks like this?

You buy it! And then you call American Dreamers Renovations immediately for help.

Today’s Dreamers have a charming house in an exceptional location but this small and outdated bathroom was a real pain point in their daily lives. “The worst part was the water temperature. With separate knobs for hot and cold, every shower was a nightmare,” recalled one Dreamer.

The overall location of the bathroom was great but the footprint was cramped. To remedy this issue, ADR gutted the space and expanded the footprint by about 24″ into the master bedroom. Utilizing angles in the design, the bedroom thus maintained its overall look and function but the space and function within the bathroom expanded exponentially:

With the additional space we were able to install an elongated vanity (with counter space for toiletries, make-up and hair tools unlike the bathroom before) and expand the square footage of the shower. Our Dreamers had enough space for two sinks but opted for a single bowl with more shared workspace:

“Now I don’t bump my elbows into the walls when I wash my hair nor bang my head on tile while bending to get toiletries off the floor.”

To complete the renovation and bring the bathroom into this century, classic tile styles were selected and the space was completed with light and neutral paint and accessories:

Our Dreamers were overjoyed with their improved space and improved lives. “My master bedroom now feels like a real luxury suite.”

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