Updating an 1899 Farmhouse Kitchen

The city of Pittsburgh stems back to 1764 and is rich with history and old buildings. While there is a lot of ongoing new development in the north and south hills of Pittsburgh, there is an equally large movement of individuals and families who enjoy investing in the city’s history and charm.

That is true today of the Dreamers who acquired an 1899 farmhouse …

There is a lot to be desired in an old farmhouse particularly if yo

That type of charm is prevalent in older homes and can be found everywhere throughout this 1899 farmhouse. This personality is exactly what our Dreamers loved about the space – just not the dark corners that came with it; That’s when they called American Dreamers Renovations …

The first must-have on our Dreamers’ list was a light and bright kitchen to replace all the deep, dark hues that the 80s and 90s were known for.

The current kitchen offered lots of cabinets and storage, a good amount of counter space, and an open layout. As such, our Dreamers kept the footprint of the space with a few cosmetic touches: new floors, new paint, new peninsula cabinets from Allegheny Millwork & Lumber, painting the kitchen cabinets, and replacing the linoleum countertops with quartz.





Other amazing angles:

When renovating a historical space, the hardest part is harmony … combining elements of ‘the old’ so that even when new, the space inside blends and complements with the outside too.

Some particular details from this project which we’re still gushing over include –
A traditional farmhouse sink:

A textured, tile backsplash which plays up the kitchen’s charm:

Thick crown molding:

Updated hardware in a farmhouse style:

And new floors which look like they are original to the house:

In the end, this was a very exciting and fun project for American Dreamers Renovations because we love taking the old and making it new – all the while ensuring your home is a reflection of you. That is our American Dream, every day.

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