New Parents’ Master Bathroom

“When is a good time to renovate my home?” ask many of our Dreamers.

Perhaps the function is no longer working for you or the design is outdated and you don’t feel like the space is a reflection of your personality. For our Dreamers today, who are now the proud owners of this highly-functional master retreat, the ultimate motivation was getting all ready for a new baby!

This 1950s home was very cool on design but very low on function and style. When originally purchased, the homeowner was excited to flex his DIY-muscle and performed a lot of updates over the last 10 years all by himself. “There was a lot of trial and error – most of it worked out.”

As for this project, our Dreamer noted, “I like home renovation but with all the plumbing and electrical updates that we needed to change the layout – it would have took me over a year to complete. It was over my head.”

This project started with the master bedroom.
The closet space was limited and the (outdated) attached bathroom included, “a weird, dark hallway.”

As such, major project goals included: increasing storage, improving layout and function, and updating the home’s style.

American Dreamers Renovations was able to deliver this by removing the wall, modifying the footprint of the bathroom by shifting it back and to the right (i.e., getting rid of that dead space hallway and turning it into usable bathroom footage), and adding a closet:

The master suite bathroom was updated to include expanded vanity, modern tile, and a larger shower with bench and shower locker:

Check out these other beautiful details:

Stay tuned for part two of this exciting “New Parents’ Master Bathroom” project which we will reveal later this week …

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