Pittsburgh Dream Home: First Floor Renovation

That fresh feeling after a perfect shower …

That peace when your home has been just cleaned …

Those nanoseconds when there is no laundry in any hamper …

That is the peace you feel every time you walk into your newly-renovated home …

On today’s blog, we’re excited to share a recently completed first-floor renovation in our favorite city: Pittsburgh!

These Dreamers contacted us for two major projects: a complete overhaul of the kitchen and an update to their living space that was parallel in the home. But these 2 separate projects were so close to each other, it turned into something bigger: an entire first floor renovation (including powder room).

Picture the home – you walk in and there is a set of stairs. To the right is the living room and to the left is the dining room – with a small opening to the kitchen and a powder room in the back the house. This is a very traditional Pittsburgh-home layout:

(we do love that dog on the fireplace)

The homeowners had lived in this space for many years before finally deciding they couldn’t live boxed-off anymore.

First, we recommended they knock down the wall to increase the feeling of the space in the home on the left. Next, we recommended they extend any new flooring through the entire first floor (including the living room to the right) and paint/style the living room in balance with the style of their incoming, new kitchen.

Our Dreamers wanted a style that can be defined as modern, light, and bright; “Modern yet classic” if you will. This translated into light cabinets, lower cabinets with color, gold accents, lighter floors in a wider plank, and appliances with style built to last:

With the wall removed, we then added a peninsula for additional seating and storage. The other side of the former dining room was also built-out making room for a coffee bar, mini-‘fridge, and ice maker:

At the end of the project, one Dreamer commented, “The ice maker is one of my favorite details. We go through a lot of ice!”

Practical details, in addition to design and logistics, are the difference between “updating your space” and “upgrading your space.”

Other upgrades for this project include a spice drawer near the oven, a pot filler over the stove, and accent lighting in various locations as the daylight hours change:

To tie the living room and kitchen spaces together, we extended the new floors, painted the walls, replaced the mantle, and mounted “The Frame” – a popular new Samsung TV product which disguises your television as art!

Even though “a first floor reno” was not quite the Dreamers’ original plan when they first contacted American Dreamers Renovations, it didn’t make sense to leave their bathroom – the only remaining space on the first floor – untouched. So, that was updated too!

Here is another angle so you can see the light fixture too:

After the project was complete, one Dreamer commented, “I still can’t believe this is my home.” Indeed, it looks completely different and is way more functional for their family. We love helping our Clients rekindle their love of their home.


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