Pittsburgh Kitchen Renovation: Wall down!

One of the values of American Dreamers Renovations is that our company does not have a style we sell – our style is your style and our designs are built upon the needs and function of your family, combined with the design and aesthetic of your home.

This design philosophy is especially important in the older homes of Pittsburgh like this home renovation which we are featuring today. Built in 1910, this home was full of charm and beautiful details but somehow it seemed to stop short at the trim work of the kitchen entry:
With laminate counters and a tile floor that didn’t match the hardwood, it was obvious this kitchen had been renovated over the past 100 years but the design was not consistent with the style of the home. Not only were the aesthetics lackluster, but the layout and function of the space was more akin to a butler’s pantry than the thriving center of a hustling and bustling home:
(With this corner sink and view of nowhere, you can only imagine how dismal it was to do the dishes. Our Dreamers played a game every night called, “Who wants to be the adult and stare at a cabinet?” It was not the “dream life” they envisioned)
For our Dreamers’ busy family, the worst part of this kitchen was the lack of counter space – there was hardly anywhere suitable to cut or prep food.
To rectify the sub-optimal design, first American Dreamer Renovations removed the wall separating the kitchen from the dining area. It was replaced with a larger and beautiful peninsula:
As you can see in the design above, we also moved the sink from that dreadful corner and placed it on the peninsula to open up the feel of the home (now Mom can keep an eye on her two littles as they feed their baby dolls in highchairs too).
Moving the sink meant we could also move the ‘fridge and add some more counter space to the other corner of the kitchen:
You can note in the BEFORE photos that the kitchen was full of yellow walls. On demo day, we were pleasantly surprised to find that behind one of the walls, there was beautiful, exposed brick!
The exposed brick added to the charm of the home. Naturally, our Dreamers wanted to keep it exposed.
 In order to make the space modern, our Dreamers turned in their white appliances for stainless steel and they focused on smaller details that tend to be “charming” including hardware with curves and a backsplash in an eclectic design:
As the kitchen was now opened up to the dining area, a view of the fireplace was also exposed to those enjoying the kitchen. As a part of the renovation, and to tie the space together, American Dreamers Renovation replaced the tile around the hearth for something a little more modern:
To tie the space all together, the dining room received a new coat of paint to match the kitchen and new lighting – grounding the entire living and dining combo in the current times while also retaining some of the charm inherent to the home:

















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